The Animal Welfare Information Center (AWIC) outreach services include conducting workshops both at the National Agricultural Library (NAL) and outside facilities for researchers concerned with meeting the requirements of the Animal Welfare Act (AWA), exhibiting at animal-related scientific meetings, giving presentations on AWA-related topics, and publishing the AWIC Bulletin.

Database Searching and Referral

As part of AWIC's Congressional mandate, the Center provides literature searching assistance to the regulated community. AWIC information specialists are available to help you create and run a literature search for alternatives. We will also perform literature searches for patrons on a cost recovery basis.

Workshop Services

Another way that the Center meets it's mandate is by conducting workshops throughout the year, both at NAL and on the road. The AWIC workshop, entitled Meeting the Information Requirements of the Animal Welfare Act, teaches scientists and information providers how to meet USDA regulatory requirements to ensure approval of animal use protocols. It provides participants with definitions of the 3Rs of alternatives (reduction, refinement and replacement), introduces the concept of multi-database searching, and teaches how to design and run a search for alternatives.

Publication Development and Distribution

AWIC is the focal point for those interested in obtaining information or publications covering many aspects of animal welfare. The Center's publications are intended for use by researchers, administrators, laboratory technicians, animal care staff, veterinarians, animal care committee members, students, and private citizens. AWIC produces a variety of publications, including the AWIC Bulletin, bibliographies, and information resource guides, that can help you learn more about the humane care, use and handling of animals.

Conference Exhibits

AWIC staff members regularly travel to animal-related scientific conferences and meetings as exhibitors. During these events publications relevant to the animal welfare in a particular setting, such as laboratory animal research or zoos and aquariums, are distributed. Often, these meetings are useful for networking with the regulated animal community, especially when scientists and researchers tell us how we can better meet their needs.


Information specialists at the Center are available for talks and presentations on a variety of topics including the current Animal Welfare Act and historical perspectives, complying with USDA Animal Care Policy #12, and understanding the 3Rs of alternatives (reduction, refinement and replacement).

Committee Membership Services

AWIC staff members often serve on animal care and use committees for local institutions.