Birds: Quails, Pheasants, Finches, Ostriches, Doves, Parrots, & Others, 2008

USDA. NAL. Animal Welfare Information Center.

A bibliography and related to the housing, husbandry, health and welfare of birds.

Importing Information for Pet Birds

USDA. APHIS. Veterinary Services.

Provides links to information on procedures for importing pet birds.

Understanding Pet Bird Nutrition

University of Florida. Cooperative Extension Service.

This document may be used as a starting point for beginning pet bird owners while they make decisions about feeding their birds.

Avian Welfare Resource Center

Avian Welfare Coalition.

Provides resources and educational outreach for the shelter and placement of displaced captive birds.

Mallard duck swimming in water Raising Ducks

University of Minnesota. Cooperative Extension.

Information on incubating, brooding and feeding ducks as well as breeder flock management. Useful for both farmers and pet owners.

Protect Your Pet from Bird Flu (PDF | 345 KB)

USDA. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.

This brochure describes steps you can take to help prevent the spread of Bird Flu and exotic Newcastle Disease (END).

Traveling Abroad with Your Pet Bird (PDF | 57.2 KB)

US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Discusses regulations implementing the Wild Bird Conservation Act that provide for permits to allow foreign travel with your pet bird (domestic travel and sales are not affected).

Psittacosis (Parrot Fever Disease)

Article describing the symptoms, cause, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, transmission to humans and additional reading references.

Lost and Found Birds

Bird HotLine.

Provides a venue to reunite lost birds with their owners. A help line of frequently asked questions is also included.

Association of Avian Veterinarians (AAV)

Includes information on finding an avian vet, bird health topics, teachers' resources, public health issues, AAV Position Statements, etc.