Tropical Fish Information

Designed for the beginner fish enthusiast. Includes both freshwater and saltwater guides on all aspects of tropical fishkeeping.

Goldfish, Koi and Other Pond Fish

Water Garden.

Contains information on care, feeding, health, diseases, various pond fish species and how to introduce new fish to a pond.

Online Aquarist Community

Provides information on home aquariums and fishkeeping. Features approximately 500 articles on petfish, FAQs, product reviews, tank calculators, a newsletter, etc.

Fish Pond Care

Contains information on how to care for both fish ponds and aquariums. See also the pond newsletter and discussion group.

The Aquatic Library

Biofilter Systems.

An index of aquatic and aquaculture information found on the internet. Includes links to information on diseases, husbandry, ponds, wastewater, fish farming, and aquariums.