Disaster Planning

New York Extension Disaster Education Network

Cooperative Extension Service. Cornell University.

Linking extension educators, emergency managers, and community officials to enhance resilience and reduce the impact of disasters in New York communities.

Disaster and Drought Assistance

United States Department of Agriculture.

Information on drought disaster programs from the USDA.

Swine in open housing system Disaster and Defense Preparedness for Production Agriculture

The Pennsylvania State University.

The workbook is an educational tool developed to assist farmers and ranchers become better prepared for any disaster.

Image of the eye of a hurricane Disaster Planning

USDA. NAL. Animal Welfare Information Center.

Articles, checklist, bibliography, and list of web links related to disaster planning in animal facilities.

  • Disaster Planning for Animal Facilities
  • Bibliograph
  • Useful Web Sites

Disaster Planning for Livestock

University of Vermont.

Information on disaster preparedness for livestock. Provides information on the precautions to take and how to prepare a farm disaster kit.

Preparing the Farm and Farm Animals for Disasters

USDA. NAL. Animal Welfare Information Center.

Go to page 52 - Provides an overview of planning for a disaster. This article was originally published in AWIC's Information Resources for Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees.

Livestock Escape Prevention and Capture Planning Guidelines (PDF | 915 KB)

University of California, Davis. School of Veterinary Medicine. International Animal Welfare Training Institute.

A guide for livestock exhibits at public events.

Livestock in Disaster: Awareness and Preparedness Online Training Module

DHS. FEMA. Emergency Management Institute.

Online training module to increase awareness and preparedness among farmers, extension agents, emergency managers etc. It describes the various hazards that animals can face and how to mitigate them, as well as how to respond to an actual disaster.

Manual on the Preparation of National Animal Disease Emergency Preparedness Plans

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

A reference book for national veterinary services on global animal disease emergency preparedness.

Disaster Planning Information

California Department of Food and Agriculture.

Provides a animal disaster preparedness and response guide for counties in California as well as links to general disaster planning information for all animal species.

National Center for Animal Health Emergency Management (NCAHEM)

USDA. APHIS. Veterinary Services.

Develops strategies and policies for effective incident management and helps coordinate incident responses.

What to do with... Livestock on the Loose at an Accident Scene (PDF | 43KB)

Ontario Farm Animal Council.

Information on dealing with livestock animals at an accident scene.

National Alliance of State Animal and Agricultural Emergency Programs (NASAAEP) Best Practices Library

Contains a selected list of reference materials for animal emergency response.

Barn Fires Involving Livestock: Facts for First Responders (PDF | 43KB)

Ontario Farm Animal Council.

Information on what to expect at a barn fires and safety guidelines when dealing with animals.

Poisonous Plants Informational Database

Department of Animal Science. Cornell University.

Database on many of the plants that grow in the U.S. that may be poisonous to livestock, this is not intended to be a comprehensive resource.

Preparing for a Disaster: Planning for Pets and Livestock

DHS. Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Information on planning ahead in the event of a natural disaster to protect the safety and well being of your pets and livestock.

Disaster Preparedness for Livestock

Humane Society of the United States.

Discusses the importantance for livestock disaster preparedness due to the animals' size and their shelter and transportation needs. Disasters from barn fires to train derailments may require evacuation.

Disaster Preparedness for Horses

Humane Society of the United States.

Discusses the importance for horse disaster preparedness due to the animals' size and their shelter and transportation needs. Disasters from barn fires to train derailments may require evacuation and you must be prepared to move your horses to a safe area.