Humane Slaughter

Humane Methods of Slaughter Act

This Act requires the proper treatment and humane handling of all food animals slaughtered in USDA inspected slaughter plants. It does not apply to chickens or other birds.

This page includes the text of the law as well as factsheets from USDA, Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), the agency that enforces the law. Also provides links to Congressional Research Service (CRS) and Government Accountability Office (GAO) reports related to humane slaughter.

Guidelines for the Slaughter of Animals for Human Consumption

World Organization for Animal Health (OIE).

Guidelines to ensure the welfare of domestic food animals during their transport, lairaging, restraint and humane slaughter.

Guidelines for Humane Handling, Transport and Slaughter of Livestock

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Offers guidance in improving slaughter, livestock productivity and welfare. Chapter 7 provides information on restraint devices, stunning methods, and bleeding.

Humane Methods of Livestock Slaughter

USDA. Food Safety and Inspection Service.

This page provides information on Statutes and Regulations, USDA.FSIS Directives and Federal Register Notices, Enforcement Reports, Training and Additional Resources.

Livestock Behaviour, Design of Facilities and Humane Slaughter

Colorado State University.

Provides information about welfare audits, humane slaughter of livestock, design of animal facilities, animal welfare, and behavior. Information from Dr. Temple Grandin, Department of Animal Science.