Backgrounder: Welfare implications of laying hen housing

American Veterinary Medicine Association (AVMA).

Provides an overview of conventional cages, enriched or furnished cages, and barn or aviary housing for laying hens.

Chicken in grass Bioethics Symposium: Proactive Approaches to Controversial Welfare and Ethical Concerns in Poultry Science, 2007 (PDF | 2.66MB)

USDA. NIFA. Plant and Animal Systems.

The primary goal is to improve the understanding of poultry system members regarding bio-ethical issues and facilitate their capacity to accurately and objectively evaluate comments about our production and processing system.

An Alternative Molting Procedure (PDF | 80 KB)

University of California.

A review of recent farm research using non-feed removal molting methods compared to feed removal methods.

Feathered Families

International Poultry Breeders Association

An online database for poultry breeders of all breeds of chickens from all around the world to create and maintain poultry breeding records.

Association Between Plumage Condition and Fear and Stress Levels in Five Breeds of Chickens

US National Library of Medicine.

Feather loss is considered one criteria of hen welfare. This paper examines the relationship between loss of feathers and fear in chickens.

Poultry Slaughter Plant and Farm Audit: Critical Control Points for Bird Welfare

Colorado State University.

This paper contains information on core criteria for chicken welfare audits.

Physiological Responses of Laying Hens to the Alternative Housing Systems (PDF | 26.3 KB)

International Journal of Poultry Science.

This study indicates that housing conditions and social stress might have an effect on the stress response in chickens.

Poultry Welfare

South Dakota State University.

This article contains information on welfare issues of chickens in laying and meat production.

PSA Emerging Issues Symposium: Social Sustainability of Egg Production

Poultry Science Association.

Links to full-text of 4 peer-reviewed papers that will be published in the journal Poultry Science about egg production, laying hen housing, and egg safety.

Broiler Care Practices

University of California. Cooperative Extension.

This booklet addresses care of broiler chickens as it relates to production practices.

Association of Avian Veterinarians (AAV)

Includes information on finding an avian vet, bird health topics, teachers' resources, public health issues, AAV Position Statements, etc.