Sheep and Goats

Policy on the Care and Use of Sheep for Scientific Purposes Based on Good Practice (PDF | 120 KB)

Monash University and Animal Welfare Science Centre.

Sheep are used for a range of experimental procedures. These workshop proceedings provide guidelines when designing and evaluating protocols using sheep as subjects.

Welfare of Sheep

UK. Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

This page provides UK legislative information, a link to the Code of Recommendations for the Welfare of Sheep, and publications on sheep lameness, lamb survival, and feeding the ewe.

Animal Welfare Approved Sheep Standards

Animal Welfare Approved.

Describes standards for shelter, pasture, environmental enrichment, food, water, health, handling, transport, and reproduction of sheep in agricultural settings.

A sheep's head Blood Sampling in Sheep (PDF | 170 KB)

Purdue University. Department of Animal Sciences.

Emphasizes proper restraint, correct preparation of sampling site, and use of appropriate equipment when collecting blood from sheep.

Sheep and Goats

South Dakota State University. Department of Animal and Range Science.

This article discusses sheep welfare concerns in the United States.

Goat Standards

Animal Welfare Approved.

Voluntary standards for raising goats.