Find Animal Emergency and Disaster Planning Information

Introduction to Animal Emergency Management

Center for Food Security and Public Health.

Developed with the support of USDA APHIS Animal Care Emergency Programs, this 10 part course provides Animal Care employees with foundational information and skills to support their emergency planning and response roles. This course may also be useful to individuals involved in animal emergency management in local, state, tribal or federal agencies and non-governmental organizations.

Disaster Planning and Emergency Information

Companion Animals
Pets, information for pet owners; Disaster preparedness; Animal safety; Dog and cat CPR; Pet poison prevention; and more.

Farm Animals
Farm animal rescue; Disaster preparedness for livestock including horses; Animal health. Accidents and livestock; Poisonous plants database; Carcass disposal; and more.

Research Animals
Disaster planning for animal facilities; and more.

Zoo, Circus and Marine Animals
Disaster planning; Training modules; Guidelines for police officers responding to animal incidents; Poison and pesticide information; and more.