Twenty-Eight Hour Law

Twenty-Eight Hour Law (49 USC, Section 80502) (PDF | 138 KB)

Government Printing Office.

Text of the Twenty-Eight Hour Law (transportation of animals).

Statement of Policy Under the Twenty-Eight Hour Law (9 CFR, Part 89)

Government Printing Office.

From the Title 9, Animals and Animal Products, Code of Federal Regulations. Provides information on feeding, watering, and resting of transported livestock.

Hearings before the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce of the House of Representatives.

[Jan. 23, 30 and Feb. 20, 1906] on House bills 47, 145, 440, 10699, 12316, 12478, and 12615, proposing to extend the time for which cattle and other animals may be confined during shipment from one state to another.

The 28-Hour Law Regulating the Interstate Transportation of Live Stock: It's Purpose, Requirements, and Enforcement. (1918) (PDF | 65.7MB)

USDA. Bureau of Animal Industry.

This is USDA Bulletin No. 589 published on January 5, 1918.

Twenty-Eight Hour Law of 1873 (amended 1994)

Law originally passed in 1873 that covers transportation, unloading, feeding, watering, and rest of animals.