This page provides access to laws, regulations, policies, guidelines, and codes of practice from governments and professional organizations outside the United States.

Drawing of a kangaroo Australia: Animal Welfare

Australian Government. Department of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry.

Provides links to the Australian Animal Welfare Act, regulations, and codes of practice. Information on international animal welfare legislation and a link to the Australian Animal Welfare Strategy (AAWS) is also provided.

Austria: Federal Act on the Protection of Animals (PDF | 115 KB)

Austrian Federal Chancellary.

Also called the Animal Protection Act - TSchG, this is the English translation of the 1 January 2005 version.

European Union Laws For the Protection of Animals

European Union.

This is the single entry point to the complete collection (in all the official languages) of European Union laws protecting animals.

Germany: Animal Welfare Act

Michigan State University College of Law

Full text available in German.

New Zealand: Animal Welfare Act

Biosecurity New Zealand.

Links to the full text of the 1999 Animal Welfare Act as well as guides which provide background information about the Act.

New Zealand: Standards and Codes of Animal Welfare

Biosecurity New Zealand.

These Codes and recommendations establish best practices to ensure high standards of animal care, while also outlining the minimum acceptable standards of care for animals in New Zealand.

India: Animal Welfare Laws and Regulations

Government of India. Ministry of Environment and Forests.

Access to all current Indian Federal animal welfare legislation and rules.

Switzerland: Animal Welfare Legislation

Federal Administration. Federal Veterinary Office.

Swiss legislation on the protection of animals serves to ensure animal welfare and regulates the way humans behave towards animals. Provides links to forms and ethical principles for animal experimentation as well as to the law and associated ordinances.

Norway: Animal Welfare

Norwegian Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

Norwegian Animal Welfare Act in English.

United Kingdom: Animal Welfare Act 2006

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

This law makes owners and keepers responsible for meeting the welfare needs of their animals.

Canadian Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Dairy Cattle. (PDF | 1.27MB)

National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC)

The Codes are developed nationally as guidelines for the care and handling of the different species of farm animals in Canada.