Laboratory Animal Species

Comfortable Quarters for Laboratory Animals

Animal Welfare Institute.

This book, last updated in 2002, provides a collection of essays on husbandry practices that contribute to the well-being of all species of laboratory animals.

Laboratory Animal Techniques: Films and Slideshows

Norwegian Reference Centre for Laboratory Animal Science & Alternatives.

These free tutorials illustrate basic techniques on the common laboratory animal species.

Diseases of Research Animals

University of Missouri - Comparative Medicine Program and IDEXX-RADIL.

An online tool designed for veterinarians, veterinary students and residents involved in the care of animal species commonly used in research.

Removal of Blood from Laboratory Mammals and Birds (PDF | 131.4 KB)

Laboratory Animals.

This is the first report of the BVA/FRAME/RSPCA/UFAW Joint Working Group on Refinement and aims to provide guidance for those removing blood from animals to do so in the most humane and efficient way.

Comparative Placentation

University of California-San Diego.

Comprehensive website on mammal placentas to assist with the examination and evaluation of mammalian placentas. Primarily directed to veterinary pathologists and zoo veterinarians. Regularly updated.

Farm Animals in Biomedical Research - Part One

Institute for Laboratory Animal Research.

These journal articles cover topics on management of swine used in biomedical research.

Regulatory Issues Surrounding the Use of Companion Animals in Clinical Investigations, Trials, and Studies

ILAR Journal.

Discusses the regulations on the use of dogs, cats, and other companion animals in research. The complexities of clinical research with companion animals outside standard biomedical research facilities are discussed.

Farm Animals in Biomedical Research - Part Two

Institute for Laboratory Animal Research.

These journal articles cover policies and guidelines on using farm animals in biomedical research.

Harmonization of the Care and Use of Agricultural Animals in Research


Links to pdf files of the presentations at this meeting.