Nonhuman Primates

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This page contains information on the care, use, welfare, housing, husbandry, handling, feeding, nutritional requirements, techniques, methodologies, euthanasia, standard operating procedures and links to specific publications related to the use of nonhuman primates used for research purposes.

Common Marmoset Care

This interactive site provides information on common marmoset behavior and care. It is jointly produced by the University of Sterling, Primate Society of Great Britain, and the National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research (NC3Rs).

An owl monkey Policy on the Care and Use of Non-human Primates for Scientific Purposes

Australian Government. National Health and Medical Research Council.

Used in conjunction with the Australian code of practice for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes (PDF|469 KB), this document provides a general framework for developing standards of care and housing of nonhuman primates in research institutions.

Primate Formulary (XLS | 175 KB)

Association of Primate Veterinarians.

Click on the link to access the Primate Formulary, compiled by D. Rick Lee and C.J. Doane, in Microsoft Excel format. This formulary includes normal values for various primate species and drug dosage amounts.

A Survey of Non-Human Primate Behavior Patterns

Palomar College. Behavioral Sciences Department.

This primate behavior module provides information about social behavior and communication for various primate species. The glossary of terms provides a general ethogram for classifying nonhuman primate behavior.

Key Considerations in the Breeding of Macaques and Marmosets for Scientific Purposes (PDF | 31.2 KB)

Laboratory Animal Science Association.

These principles provide information on key issues that primate breeders and users should review to maintain and develop high standards of care and welfare.

The Welfare of Nonhuman Primates Used in Research (PDF | 349 KB)

European Commission. Scientific Committee on Animal Health and Animal Welfare.

A 2002 report that includes information about various enrichment aspects such as social housing, animal training, and provision of visual barriers.

Chimpanzees in Research: Strategies for their Ethical Care, Management and Use, 1997

National Academies of Sciences. Institute for Laboratory Animal Research.

Recommendations on long-term care, research needs, costs, genetic management, and retirement for chimpanzees in research environments.

Laboratory Primate Newsletter

This online newsletter provides news and information on care and breeding of nonhuman primates for laboratory research. The final issue was October 2011. That and all previous issues are still available.

Well-being of Nonhuman Primates in Research (PDF | 6.35 MB)

Scientists Center for Animal Welfare.

These conference proceedings present papers with regulatory, biological, veterinary, and administrative perpsectives.

primates grooming Refinements in husbandry, care and common procedures for non-human primates (PDF | 518 KB)

Laboratory Animals.

This 2009 report provides guidance on the husbandry and care of non-human primates and on minimizing the adverse effects of some common procedures.