Other Nontraditional Species


University of Missouri.

The Monodelphis Genome Database is an online resource for genetic and genomic data from opossums and other American marsupial species used as model organisms in genetically related research.

Opossum, 2001

USDA. NAL. Animal Welfare Information Center.

Insects, 2004

USDA. NAL. Animal Welfare Information Center.

Guide to materials on insects used for research. Areas covered are laboratory care, biocontrol, and toxicology.

octopus Invertebrates, 2000

USDA. NAL. Animal Welfare Information Center.

This resource provides information on how invertebrates are being used in research and, just as important, how they are cultured, reared, and housed in the laboratory.

National Resource Center for Cephalopods (NRCC)

University of Texas. Medical Branch.

Funded by the National Institutes of Health, National Center for Research Resources with additional support from the Texas Institute of Oceanography, the NRCC provides the biomedical research community with squid, cuttlefish and other cephalopods.

The Cephalopod Page

Provides links to information on cephalopods, including full text articles and where you can purchase these animals for hobbyists and researchers.

Managing fallow deer (Dama dama) and red deer (Cervus elaphus) for animal house research (PDF | 128 KB)

Australian and New Zealand Council for the Care of Animals in Research and Teaching Ltd.

Discusses domestication, production, and management in research settings for deer.

Bat Information Resources

USDA. NAL. Animal Welfare Information Center.

This information resource contains references for bats being used in research and exhibition. A section on selected web sites concerning bats is included.