African elephant Elephants, 2010

USDA. NAL. Animal Welfare Information Center.

The references in this publication are concerned with captive animals and their care, behavior, health, handling and bodily functions. A list of selected elephant web sites is also provided.

Welfare Implications of Elephant Training (PDF | 164 KB)

American Veterinary Medical Association.

Policy encourages humane treatment of captive elephants, appropriate use of training tools.

Elephant Manager's Association (EMA)

This group is comprised of elephant professionals working to ensure safe management of captive animals and supporting conservation research worldwide.

African elephant Elephant Formulary

Elephant Care International.

A compilation of drug information pertinent to elephants.

Elephant Bibliographic Database

Elephant Care International.

A searchable database of articles on Asian and African elephants.

African Elephant Elephant Care International

This international group provides healthcare information for elephants. Protocols and standards, a searchable bibliographic database, the elephant formulary, and a bulletin board are located under Professional Content.

African Elephant Bibliography

World Conservation Union. African Elephant Specialist Group.

A searchable list of references on the biology, ecology and management of the African elephant.

Elephant News

Get the latest news and event information about elephants from around the world.

Elephant Taxon Advisory Group/Species Survival Plan

Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

Provides general information on elephants as well as management and care standards for professional animal handlers.

Absolut Elephant

This site provides information about elephants and the people who work with elephants. There is a searchable database for captive elephants on the main page.

Elephant Enrichment

Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Elephant Taxon Advisory Group.

Provides basic information on enrichment programs for elephants.

African Elephant Specialist Group (AfESG)

World Conservation Union (IUCN). Species Survival Commission.

This website provides technical resources for elephant conservation and management, developed by the AfESG and partner organizations.

Elephants, 2003

USDA. NAL. Animal Welfare Information Center.